It may not officially be summer yet but there's still plenty of fun and adventure to be had in Lake City.  Use these 5 reasons as an excuse to make your treck to Lake City now!!


1. Green! Green! Green!

Flowers may not be in bloom yet but the bright green aspens sure make up for it! Our spring peak hits later here at high altitude so you can have spring twice!


2. Natural Waterfalls

As if the drives around Lake City weren’t beautiful enough, the spring snow melt makes for dozens of incredible and natural waterfalls that you won’t see the rest of the year.11401013 1069630383051827 1818496793581493984 n



3. Wildlife Viewing

With spring comes an explosion of life. You may see everything from baby birds to moose and their little ones.


4. Availability

Lake City starts to really come alive in mid-spring. Most businesses and lodging facilities are open by the first week but the peak tourist season doesn’t hit until July. That means you get to enjoy everything Lake City has to offer without rushing to get your foot in the door.


5. Rafting

If you’re looking for more of an adventurous experience, the peak run-off season brings high water levels in the rivers. You’ll be in for the rafting trip of your life! Click the picture below to find more information about our local rafting guides to set up your trip today.



Photo courtesy of Three Rivers Resort & Outfitting

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