In Celebration of Shark Week....


JAWS at the Mountaineer Movie Theatre

by Kolten Wonnacott, LCHS Student Reporter   

   It’s the most wonderful week of the year -- Shark Week!!  And to celebrate, the Mountaineer Movie Theatre in Lake City, Colorado is playing the classic film, JAWS. We all know how difficult it is to get up from watching Shark Week, but be sure to come on down to the theatre to view this excellent film. JAWS will be playing at the Mountaineer Movie Theatre tonight, July 7th at 7:30 pm. See you at the movies!


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Sweety's Wildlife Preserve Zoo

Looking for a unique opportunity for your family?  


You may be in the most remote county, tucked away in the San Juan Mountains, but this new experience will take you on new adventures.  Karen Hurd started Sweety's Wildlife Preserve Zoo 3 years ago.  Today she has 270 hand-painted animals covering 4 continents. New this year, she has added a dinosaur exhibit!


The gift shop offers a variety of pet rocks and portraits for sale.  Karen also sells her book, "My Sweety," featuring the story of the friendly deer who took up residence in her backyard.  Sweety was the inspiration for Karen's zoo!  You can also buy a "My Sweety" coloring book, wildlife yard ornaments.




Inspired by Karen's zoo?! Make your own pet rock with Karen on Tuesdays & Wednesday at 11am (for kids) and 1pm (for adults).

Admission: $5/adults, $3/children 6-12 (under 6 is free)

Directions: From Highway 149, turn onto Oceanwave Drive (between the Lake City Bakery and Country Store), follow to the very top of the road.  Sweety's Zoo is on the right.






Timberline Craftsman Update


by Koletn Wonnocatt, LCHC Chamber of Commerce Reporter

San Juan Soda Co. is finally expanding! After the Timberline Craftsman, a tiny, locally-owned store, tragically shut its doors for good, the neighboring business, San Juan Soda Co., bought the property. The Hartmans, owners of the ice cream shop, began renovation and stocking of the store. Stocking of merchandise is still underway, but the store is open. Merchandise will include hand-crafted materials, made directly in Colorado. If you would like to purchase creative, hand-made goods, then this is the place to go.  The Timberline Craftsman is located on 225 North Silver Street, directly adjacent to San Juan Soda Co.



The ONE Thing You Can do to Impact the World

 summer hinsdale wildlife american basin larkspur

It's what we all want, right?  A better world.  It's why we plant trees and train our children up to become good citizens.

But there is one way you can impact your world today that will have a lasting impact for a million years to come!



Don't believe me? See if this will change your mind...



You're feeling pretty good about yourself, aren't you?  I don't litter!   But there's a lot more to littering than the obvious.


The first time I read this, my eyes scanned right over the line about the 'orange peel.'  Whoops.  I'll have to admit throwing the occasional apple core or banana peel out the window.  'It's not litter.  It will decompose!'


But after 2 years! I had no idea!

 fishing colorado hinsdale 04

"When wildlife have the ability to feed off our trash, it puts them in danger in multiple ways.  Like when you throw trash out the window, not only are you littering, but you're attracting wildlife to the side of the road which puts both them and us in danger." says Pheobe Perkins of Lake City Friends of the Bears.


Bears tend to become a problem (in Lake City) whenever people don't lock up their trash or leave pet food outside.  And then we often punish them for coming around!  


I then started thinking about the trash I throw away everyday. Not trash that I litter, but actually throw into a trash can and then is picked up.  That trash will be there for a long time.  In fact, my trash will outlive me by a long shot!  But I forget about it because I don't see it anymore.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

If you pack it in, pack it out.

Let's make sure the impact we're leaving on the world is a positive one!


San Juan Delights Open House

By Kolten Wonnacott (LCHC Social Media Reporter)

Who doesn’t love a good party on a Friday night?  And if you like parties, then San Juan Delights is the place to be this Friday, June 12th from 4-8pm! 

This celebration will be tons of fun and everyone is welcome. The Open House will feature live music, scrumptious food and door prizes. If that’s not enough to sway you, the unveiling of the Giant Sandwich, the official launch of the photography book, Fall Colors, by From the High Country, introducing the collaborative store on location The Flying Pig "a unique botique", and last but not least celebrating Sandy Hines’ birthday party should!  Assorted merchandise will also be sold so come on down and party with us!

San Juan Delights and The Flying Pig are located at 925 Ocean Wave Drive (behind The Country Store).



San Juan Delights Photo Gallery



The Flying Pig Photo Gallery






5 Reasons to Visit Lake City in June

It may not officially be summer yet but there's still plenty of fun and adventure to be had in Lake City.  Use these 5 reasons as an excuse to make your treck to Lake City now!!


1. Green! Green! Green!

Flowers may not be in bloom yet but the bright green aspens sure make up for it! Our spring peak hits later here at high altitude so you can have spring twice!


2. Natural Waterfalls

As if the drives around Lake City weren’t beautiful enough, the spring snow melt makes for dozens of incredible and natural waterfalls that you won’t see the rest of the year.11401013 1069630383051827 1818496793581493984 n



3. Wildlife Viewing

With spring comes an explosion of life. You may see everything from baby birds to moose and their little ones.


4. Availability

Lake City starts to really come alive in mid-spring. Most businesses and lodging facilities are open by the first week but the peak tourist season doesn’t hit until July. That means you get to enjoy everything Lake City has to offer without rushing to get your foot in the door.


5. Rafting

If you’re looking for more of an adventurous experience, the peak run-off season brings high water levels in the rivers. You’ll be in for the rafting trip of your life! Click the picture below to find more information about our local rafting guides to set up your trip today.



Photo courtesy of Three Rivers Resort & Outfitting

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