OHV Regulations

OHVs are allowed on all Hinsdale County and Town of Lake City roads.  OHV regulations include:

1. Must comply with all Colorado statutes pertaining to motor vehicles in motion.  Must follow posted speed limit (all town streets are 15mph, HWY 149 varies) and any other traffic laws.

2. Vehicle operaters must have Valid Driver's license in possession.

3. Proof of minimum liability insurance for each vehicle.

4. Helmet is required for riders under 18 years of age unless in a child restraint (a bicycle helmet will NOT suffice)

5. Motor vehicle child restraint laws apply

6. Eye protection for EVERY rider (prescription glasses, sunglasses, googles, etc.  A vehicle windshield also satisfies this requirement.)

7. No more occupants than OHV designed by manufacturer (ATVs may have 2 occupants)

8. If provided by the manufacturer, seat belts must be worn.

9. Stay on designated roads

10. Highly recommended - rear view mirror



 Updated 6/1/2017



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