Spring in the San Juans is not easily described.

Late snows melt and the mountains literally explode with life. One day the cloak of winter is tied tightly, while, what seems like the very next moment, rivers rush, trees and shrubs green-up, and the varied species of high country inhabitants emerge to enjoy this treasure-laden land.

With backcountry roads and trails just opening and becoming passable to foot, hoof and tire traffic, and streams and lakes abandoning their icy shells, springtime is the perfect time to visit Lake City and Hinsdale County and experience the pristine solitude and beauty of its high country places.

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April thru Mid-June

  • Seasonal lodging facilities begin opening late April or early May, with some offering springtime discounts.
  • The Alpine Loop, with Cinnamon and Engineer passes, typically opens at the beginning of June.
  • The majority of visitors begin arriving in July, meaning minimal spring traffic on roads, trails, and at fishing and recreational spots.
  • Great recreational opportunities include ice-out fishing, great kayak and rafting water levels, high elevation ski or foot trekking, bird and wildlife watching, historical tours, races and festivals.
  • Great photo opportunities include unique waterfalls, an impressive and massive snowplow-created snow wall on Engineer Pass, and newborn wildlife with their moms and at play.


June – Lake San Cristobal Race; Local Art Show; Annual Blossom Festival; Historic, Cemetery & Ghost Tours; Summer Youth Camps; San Juan Solstice Race; Vacation Bible School; Live Music at local venues

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