In the 1930s and 1940s, when improved roads allowed visitors to come by automobile, several "motor court" style cabins were built to meet a new demand for summertime lodging.  The cabins were quick and easy to build, small, made of logs or stick frames, and usually arranged around central driveways so that visitors could pull their cars right up next to them.  

These tourist cabins of Lake City were visited every summer by people who raised their children along the streams, on the trails, and bouncing over the old mining roads.  Visitors sought the cool mountain climate, abundant trout, and wilderness adventures on horseback or Jeep.  The children grew and brought their children to Lake City, generation after generation.

Although some tourist cabins have been converted to private residences, several of these quaint places are still in business.  After all, what is a classic mountain vacation, without a cabin for shelter?  Even for a brief slice of summer, cabins offer us the simple and essential parts of life.

Historic tourist cabins & lodging in the Lake City area, still open for business:

  • Alpine Village (built 1947-1949)
  • G&M Cabins (built 1936, 1947)
  • Matterhorn Motel (built 1949)
  • Texan Resort (built 1946)
  • Town Square Cabins (built 1939 - 1946)
  • Vickers Ranch (built 1929+)
  • Wagon Wheel Resort (built 1948)
  • Westwood Resort (built 1954)

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