Local Conditions

Trails and Road Conditions

For up-to-date and further information, call the Chamber of Commerce at 800-569-1874. This information is not always accurate.

4WD roads in our area typically close mid-Ocotber and open back up late May to mid-June. 


Cinnamon Pass.

Engineer Pass. Closed.

North Henson Creek. Open to gates.

Nellie Creek. Closed.

Round Top.

Wager Gulch.

Deer Lakes/Cathedral 
(FS 788).  Open.

Stony Pass
 (FS 520). Closed.

Ophir Pass. Closed.

Black Bear Pass. Closed.

Alpine Plateau. Closed.

Big Blue Creek.  Closed.

Lake City/Sapinero Cut-off.

Blue Mesa Cut-off

Corkscrew Gulch. Closed.

California Gulch. Closed.

Hurricane Pass. Closed. 

Imogene Pass. Closed.

Mineral Creek. Closed.

Yankee Boy Basin. Closed.

Poughkeepsie Gulch. Closed.



Road Condition Reports from Silverton, CO


Road Conditions from Ouray, Colorado 



Colorado Road Conditions Map

Hotline: 1-877-315-7623


Avalanche Conditions Website

Avalanche Hotline: 1-970-247-8187


Colorado Highway 149 is open year-round and is well-maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation.  Before traveling, please check on current conditions for Highway 149 and all Colorado highways.