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Lake City is well suited for great stargazing opportunities. On a clear night, one can marvel at the moon, planets, constellations, and other spectacular phenomena of our universe. Certainly, a good set of binoculars or telescope will enhance your “up close” viewing. One of the best astronomy activities in Lake City is absolutely free and requires nothing more than patience, the naked eye, and mostly clear sky conditions. That activity is watching for meteors. Although they last only seconds, meteors are always fun to watch as they streak across the sky. And, there are times a fireball (a very large meteor) may flash above. There will be an abundant variety of astronomical events in 2013. Here are some dates you should mark on your calendar:

night skies lake cityAstronomical Event Calendar

  • Jan 3 - Quadrantids meteor shower
  • Mar 20 - Vernal equinox – Official start of spring!
  • Apr 21 - Lyrid meteor shower
  • Apr 28 - Saturn will be at its best for viewing tonight.
  • May 5 - Eta Aquarids meteor shower
  • May 28 - Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with Mercury nearby
  • June 21 - Summer Solstice – Official start of summer!
  • July 28 - Delta Aquarids meteor shower
  • Aug 3 - At dawn, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon are together
  • Aug 12/13 - Perseid meteor shower – Public stargazing @ Windy Point
  • on August 13
  • Sep 22 - Autumnal equinox – Official start of fall!
  • Oct 21 - Orionid meteor shower
  • Nov 17 - Leonid meteor shower
  • Dec 13 - Geminids meteor shower
  • Dec 21 - Winter solstice – Official start of winter!

International Space Station Schedule
You can frequently see the Space Station go by overhead.  Click here to see the schedule from NASA.

Protecting Dark Skies
For more information about preserving the night sky, visit the International Dark Sky Association.

Upcoming Events

Hinsdale County Museum Opens -- Sun May 31 @ 1:00PM
Free Fly Fishing Clinic with The Sportsman Outdoor & Fly Shop -- Tue Jun 02 @10:00AM
Free Fly Fishing Clinic with Dan's Fly Shop -- Wed Jun 03 @10:00AM
Lake San Cristobal 5k/10k -- Sat Jun 06 @ 8:00AM
4th Annual Blossom Festival -- Sat Jun 13 @ 4:00PM
Historic District Tours -- Thu Jun 25 @10:30AM
Rockin' River Party -- Thu Jun 25 @ 5:00PM

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Please Consider Donating

The Lake City/Hinsdale County Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce relies on the generous donations of our visitors to keep our Visitor Center open year round. We offer year round help and support to our potential and return visitors including mailing our vacation planners free of charge. We would appreciate any donation you are willing to offer.

Visitor Center Info


Lake City/Hinsdale County Visitor Center
800 Gunnison Avenue
Lake City, CO 81235
Summer: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, 9am to 3pm Saturdays, 9am-12pm Sundays
Winter: Monday-Friday 8am to 3pm

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